Women Librarians' Association of Assam

The Women Librarians' Association of Assam (WLAA) is a platform where all women library professionals can meet together, learn together, grow together and do something together for the welfare of society in terms of women and children, with the prime objective of inculcating reading habits among children. This initiative was the result of the deliberations that took place among 4 participants, namely Dr. Kankana Baishya, Dr. Babita Kalita, Ms. Jaya Medhi and Ms. Manjushree Devi in the Refresher Course held during November 11-24, 2019, at HRDC, Gauhati University. Subsequently, a WhatsApp group was created by Dr. Kankana Baishya for all Women Librarians in Assam on November 23, 2019 and 225 women library professionals have joined the group. All the members of the WhatsApp Group were invited to meet formally on December 28, 2019 at 11.30 am at the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam, Amingaon. Accordingly,  17 members met on that day and the Women Librarians' Association of Assam (WLAA) came into existence.

In the Executive Committee Meeting held on 29/02/2020, Women Librarians’ Association of Assam (WLAA) with Dr. Jyotika Devi as President and Dr. Kankana Baishya, as General Secretary, is accepted as a division of the Assam Library Association and is entitled to all benefits and privileges pertaining thereto. Kindly find herewith the relevant rules and regulations from the Constitution of Assam Library Association.

"6. Division of Assam Library Association: Each state or district level library association in Assam that works in the areas of Public Libraries, College Libraries, School Libraries, University Libraries, Library Science Schools / Departments, Special and Technical Libraries, Rural Libraries can become a Division of Assam Library Association. The form for that purpose will be made available by the General Secretary on request from existing library associations.

a) The division of ALA can nominate from their Executive Body any two members who are already not a present executive committee member of ALA, to the Executive Committee of ALA and their term will be same asthe term of any other executive members of ALA. These members can have a voice on all matters related to the ALA excluding the voting right in the election of ALA.

b) ALA will provide all technical and necessary support required by the particular division and they can use the logo and all other resources available with ALA without any further implications.

c) All the activities of Division of Assam Library Association will collectively be counted as the Activities of ALA and so, all their members should abide by the Constitution of ALA and all the activities of their body have to be at par the Constitution of ALA.

d) The Division of Assam Library Association has to submit the list of their members every year by 31st December.

e) In case of fund raised from membership (annual, life and others and its renewal), the Division of Assam Library Association has to deposit10% of the total amount raised in the Fixed Deposit Account of Assam Library Association (opened for the purpose), however, no portion of the fund raised from other sources need to be deposited in the ALA account.

f) As per the direction of ALA any Office Bearer of ALA can inspect the register of the members of the Division of Assam Library Association and also can inspect the accounts of Income and Expenditure and Audited Report of the Division."